Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The I's Have It!

         The past two weeks have shaken many people as they watch
       and the sword of hatred slashing hearts and homes to shreds

      while despondency knocks at our nation's door with his friend fear at his side.
   They have been difficult weeks for me. I am sensitive not only to world events and tragedies, but to the spirit realm.  As an intercessor, this sensitivity is part of the package.
  I have a friend in Israel who has two daughters in the military. Her relatives were part of the Holocaust and are no strangers to hardship. While I am amazed by her, I am concerned for Israel and her family.  There's one "I".  
PalestIne is also home to some innocents. Not everyone there agrees with the rebels. Another "I".
By now, hopefully nearly everyone has heard of Pastor Saeed Abedini; a pastor being held hostage in Iran, with many serious health issues due to treatment in captivity in Iraq. Third "I".
Also widely published are the horrific and downright evil acts of ISIS in Iraq. Another "I".
The last "I" is about a friend of mine is going through a great trial related to her heart for India. I share that heart, but only share the burden in prayer.

THIS is what today's post is about...

Bearing a burden of intercession  correctly.

  As Kingdom Pray-ers, we must be aware of what our equipping is, and how it works.  We see the effects of the enemy's approach and encroachment manifesting in questions, doubts which can lead to fear if allowed.  When we are given a burden to pray by the Lord, it will not crush us, and rarely are we the only person receiving that burden. It is not upon us alone to see it through. Know that if you are offered a burden then the Lord trusts that you WILL see it through.  In past days that was called "praying through".

     So, what is it like to have a burden of intercession?  Here are some of the identifiers of a God-given prayer assignment or "burden of intercession":
  1.  Often you will feel a much greater empathy ( feeling what someone else feels) than normal. 
  2.   A sense of danger or a sense of dread can come to you. 
  3.  You might feel like you are depressed, but no logical or practical reason exists.
  4. You might see someone's face appear before you, or hear their name repeatedly over a period of time. God is trying to get your attention.
 You may not understand what it is at first.
  1.  If feelings of sadness, heaviness or anxiety come, the first response needs to be asking the Lord if He is calling you to pray! Don't give in to the feeling and say to yourself "I guess I just don't feel well today".  ASK! 
  2.  He may give you an image in your mind's eye, speak a person's name to you, or even bring a place/situation to mind. If it doesn't come immediately then pray in your spirit and continue to ask. 
  3. Once you have "downloaded" your information , then ask Him if He has a specific word for you to pray, and pray it until that "feeling" goes away. It will feel like a weight has lifted off of you.
    Burdens or assignments of intercession can last for a few minutes, hours, days and even weeks.   How will you function if you have an assignment that lasts for days?  You MUST know that you do NOT "internalize" the emotions that come with it. You do NOT take it into your heart or try to carry it like Atlas!

You simply ask if this is a matter that the Lord wants to involve you in; pray until He shows you that your part is accomplished. This may result in manifested victory right away, or it may be that your assignment was a part of a longer process. Either way, NEVER let the assignment drain you, weigh you down or stress you out!!! Remember that Jesus said "My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

     Being an intercessor means you share; share hope, joy, love, encouragement, prayers with someone else. You may do this face to face, at a distance, or you may do this for someone you never meet in this lifetime. But the reward is great and the journey is fascinating!

     Remember all those "I"s?    Guess what? The exact phrase is really
"The AYES have it".   My google-d definition search landed this:

 "If the ayes have it, those who voted in favour of something have won." 
  God has all my "I's" before Him.  If God be for us, who can be against us?

IF YOU prayed in response to a God-given assignment in accordance with His direction,  
He brings favor and the battle is WON!!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Different Ways in the Same Direction; No heads for sale, please!

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly 
above all that we ask or think, 
according to the power that works in us."  Ephesians 3:23

I've heard it often the God is " the God of second chances".
 But that just isn't true.  If it were, I would not be here! 

Because after 40 years of walking with Him, I know I need MORE than 2 chances! 
  Some things come easily to me, like a monkey takes to a banana.
 Others are more like a banana peel that leave me
slipping, tripping and sliding on the path to my inevitable  PLOP!  onto my backside,
complete with feet flailing in the air!

 I really try to interpret His direction clearly and then act upon it accurately with great precision.
(sniff-sniff! I smell pride here!) 
 Problem  is that I am not always speaking the same language that He is.
 As a High School Spanish teacher, I can testify to the mess that makes in communication. 
A Spanish Language student once confused the word  basket ( canasta) with head ( cabeza).  
When relating the story for conversation class, she ended up saying there were
 "heads hanging on a clothesline that were for sale! "
It seems that as believers we can often hear God's direction, and run the opposite way.
 But the Holy Spirit's feathers don't get ruffled when that happens. 
He knows that we might take a different way to get to where He wants us to end up!  
Trip, fall, fail, or flail,  He is the God of  50,  60,  and even 140 chances! 

    We have a natural tendency to remember what we need to forget,
 and to forget the very things that are important to keep in our memory vault.

We tend to see things incremently- in sequences. We analyze every step taken.

  HE sees the scope AND the sequence and tells us to keep listening,
 keep getting back up and keep coming forward!
Now, I don't count how many major or life altering decisions I make daily, but if we forgive others 70x7, 
I will let God do the Math and rest that I am forgiven at least that many times daily.  We need
to let go of mistakes, failures and stubbornness.
 Keep the lessons learned on those meandering paths, but let the rest be deleted from the memory vault.
He will not string up my head for bad judgement, rebellion or even strife. He might put up 
a barrier to  forward movement to get our attention, but no shrunken heads are found
on the path to Heaven!
 I should know. I am the student referred to in the above mentioned Spanish Conversation class that took 
place at King's Way Missionary Institute!

There is nothing too awful, too silly, too erroneous that we can do to weaken God's work in us. 
It abides despite our weakness. In spite of our pride. Beside our longing.  
Come forward! Stop counting the steps and lift your head up.
 The view might very well be
 downright amazing!