Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paga: What it is...

Paga. What is it?

In Spanish it means to pay.  But in Hebrew, it means intercession, more specifically, to "create a meeting".  It is also the word used for the action of pulling back an arrow in a bow, and aiming to shoot.
  So, what makes understanding paga so important?
Well, the Body of Christ, especially in America has for decades fallen deeper and deeper into the error of thinking that  petition is the same as intercession. True intercession has died out in many areas of the Body. Brief and passing "I need..." and " I want..." have replaced the bearing of one another's burdens. The Body is not connected to the Lord as it could be, and most definitely not to each other as we should be, as we MUST be. Our survival depends upon it.
 Soulish prayers have weakened the Body and hindered our effectiveness. We have lost our salt in the earth because we are not connecting - creating a meeting between the Lord and ourselves, and then ourselves and others.
  What's the difference between Soul Directed Prayer and Spirit Directed Prayer?
When we pray from our minds and even our emotions, we are praying Soul directed prayers.  These prayers will be light on faith, wisdom, discernment and effectiveness, and heavy in emotions, knowledge and tradition.  They will lack power and effectiveness.
  Spirit Directed Prayer is the opposite:
 The key to effective prayer is to pray what the Lord directs you to pray,
whether it seems logical or agreeable to you or not!
When we pray "in His name"- we are approaching the Throne, the Righteous Judge, with Jesus as our Attorney. He is representing us and we come "in His name". He does not pray for us, instead, He represents us to the Father that our prayer will be heard. The prayers that are directed by Him are full of wisdom and anointing. We will hit the mark, create a meeting between the two parties when we first become still and listen to what He has to say about a situation.
   He will tell you what the root of a matter is so that it can be addressed according to His instruction. HE has the strategies! HE gives them to us and when we pray them, we are coming into agreement with Him and that brings about perfect results. They may not seem perfect to us at first, but as we begin to think like Him and listen to Him, we will then see the wisdom of His leadings.
So, to recap:
For effective prayer that creates a meeting and agreement between you and God and the situation at hand:
1. Still and Quiet your soul. Ask for cleansing of your heart and any erroneous thinking.
2. Meditate upon who He is.
4. Do not respond until you have His word on the matter- it may come as a scripture, a simple direction, even lyrics to a song can point you in the direction to seek Him more.
 5. Pray what He tells you!  That is pulling the arrow of prayer back with confidence that when released, His word will go forth and not return void. That prayer will hit the mark- PAGA!

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