Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's Goat got to do with it?

    Prayer,  talking, communication between God and man is covered with goatskin. What am I talking about?  Read Numbers chapter 4. God gives specific instructions regarding the tabernacle items and how they are to be cared for:
11 “Next they must spread a blue cloth over the gold incense altar and cover this cloth with fine goatskin leather. Then they must attach the carrying poles to the altar. 12 They must take all the remaining furnishings of the sanctuary and wrap them in a blue cloth, cover them with fine goatskin leather, and place them on the carrying frame.
The altar of incense  ( = prayer) is to be covered with in blue (= heavenlies) and then goatskin. Why goatskin? The goat was a sacrificial animal. This drab color tells us of Jesus in His humility and poverty. Goatskins were worn by the poor and throughout the Bible represented extreme poverty.

When we come before the Lord of Heaven, we must be mindful of the poverty that covered our life before HE became our covering. His sacrifice lies between us and heaven. WE can only approach the Father through Him. 
   A goat was used on the Day of Atonement. After the high priest completed the blood sprinkling in the Holy of Holies he would go into the court of the tabernacle and lay his hands on the head of the " scapegoat" ; confessing over it all the sins of the people. The goat was then led away, by a man standing ready, into the wilderness, and there let free, to signify the carrying away of Israel's sins which God had forgiven. 
   The vessels/instruments that represented prayer in the tabernacle are object lessons to us, reminding us of that truth.  Our lack, need, sin, nakedness is covered by Jesus' sacrifice. 
    Goatskin is a simple, humble reminder of our own simple nature, and the manner of which to approach the King of Heaven;  humility and gratitude.  

We are measured not by our own talents or worth, but by His completed work on the cross.

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