Monday, August 26, 2013

"Prayer Opps"

Amidst cerulean blue sky dusted with translucent feathery clouds,
the sunlight graced the tops of trees and danced upon the nearly still lake. 

The crickets sang softly. Serenity.
Almost. "errrrrrrip" {insert needle scratch on turntable}
 Excuse the interruption, please. 
 You've  heard of a "photo opp", right? You know, a politician's best friend; just the right time and setting to create the appearance of something favorable
 to shine the spotlight on his/her good side.
   Ok, now back to my story...
After an awesome (and I reserve the word for God alone) demonstration of love,
 acceptance and redemption in the worship service,
 my husband and I
 headed off to a change of place-
 a state park nearby. 
We wanted some time for meditation and reflection.
 And tranquility, serenity. 
It became immediately obvious that I would have to persist to find it.
First, my chair kept coming unlocked, making it unbalanced.
 It's one of those collapsing canvas chairs:
Then, my music device would not operate properly. No worries, I had a back up!
But nooooo, that one wouldn't play the CD. Ugh.
No prophetic worship to listen to.
Okay, so let's embrace the silence. Let's listen.
 I began to journal a prayer. Bible? Check. Journal? Check.
 Pen.... I realized I'd left my pen in the car. Get the keys, go to car, get the pen.
Midway through one sentence the pen ran out of ink.
 Get the keys, go to car, get replacement pen.
 {Note to self, save for Ipad!} Ahhhh. Now it begins, I thought.
And it did!
Sun still shining, breeze blowing and {insert sound from above here}
but the soft chirping of the crickets was being drowned out every
few seconds. A battle was raging via cell phones. A very angry young
man was venting in varying volumes.
In the past I would have been annoyed.  
I might have wished him away, or worse,
 called the authorities to complain. 
 But today I hear the Father's heart greiveing.
 In between the shouts punctuated with cursing is the sound of a heart
 that is deeply wounded. The rage is the cry of his heart torn 
and twisted by sin, confusion and betrayal.
 And the Father cries. 
What do you do when YOU hear someone like this? 
What is your first thought, your first response?  Frustration?
 Feeling like your "space" has been invaded? 

Or do you pray?  
Whether you are called as an intercessor or are a willing "pray-er", 
YOU can be one of God's press agents! 
Pray for the brokenhearted, hear what the Father hears.

Pray for the darkened, distanced soul(s). 
Pray for reconciliation to God,  
and in my case, to the recipient of the harsh words. 
Next time you encounter a grumpy or angry person, 
remember that under the surface is a heart beating, 
wanting desperately to know not to give up,
 that somewhere real, life giving love is available to them.
 Though you may
be across the room, store, parking lot or world,
 you can PRAY. 

When sirens sound , You can pray! 

You can create a "meeting" between that person and the Lord. 
Pray that the Father imparts His heart to you so that
 you are a channel of love and hope even to souls 
you may never meet face to face.
Watch for, listen for and prepare for "Prayer Opps". 
 Through prayer, arrange opportunities for God's mercy and grace to shine!

So, now you know what I wrote in my journal! ;)

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