Tuesday, December 31, 2013


      It has been a good while since I rec'd anything substantial to share during our Sun.Am prayer. This morning I kept hearing "Press", and then saw a riot policeman's acrylic shield.
 I understood what was meant by "press"; it comes from the old pentecostal term of "pressing in"-
 ""The law and the prophets were until John; since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it." [Luke 16:16]

 Pressing in denotes earnestness and firmness of resolution;  an engaged-ness. It is not a passive act, nor is it about all our might or strength or ability! It is about "pressing in" to HIS ability, HIS strength and NOT moving from there. Think of the riot police: they are armed. They have shields, and body armor, just like we do. They are trained to use their weapons only when necessary. They are sent to occupy a territory, maintain peace and enforce the law of the land- together, as a unit.
Too often, a believer jumps headlong into a fight. We don't discern what is truly needed, and we pray, speak, based upon our own understanding. Binding, loosing, declaring are for specific times. Done out of turn, they can actually lead us into the flesh - the enemy's territory- which is exactly what he likes. We come away from it thinking we did what was "right", and then later are perplexed when we have to do it again and again- and this drains our energy and sometimes even hope!
    The Father, on the other hand, offers us wisdom, discernment, and His word to train us for each prayer need and life situation. The problem comes in when we allow a weakness to lead us out of discernment and wisdom and into fleshly thoughts. For example, "Melissa" battled a particular health issue for 4 years. She grew in her understanding of the Word regarding health, and her faith increased. She was healed. Now she has no "issue" with healing and can also encourage others. But the nagging self talk about her past trips her up many a day. When she is in a battle, she often responds to the enemy playing that "tape" in her head and becomes discouraged---and her shield drops. BAM! She is hit! Now she has to take time to recover, those around her are distracted, and have to regroup. We were never meant to fixate upon the activity of the enemy.
       What the Lord is saying now is that we as intercessors **need to press in to Him and get those doubts and insecurities resolved. ** .This will involve transparency- trusting someone with our need so that they may stand in the gap - "close ranks": to join with someone in a cause, or agreement. {Remember Pastor Tony shared this morning that it doesn't all depend upon ourselves, we need each other} Ask the Lord who one intercessor is that you can trust and pray with over the next quarter of the new year. Get with them for a brief time of sharing if they agree. ♥This should be men with men and ladies with ladies.

 It may be that you share with and stand with the same person, or it may be different people. **Listen carefully for His guidance in this.**
     We need to lean upon HIS abilities, plant our feet firmly in the Word and set our hearts upon HIM. We must be perpetually listening for His directives, and NOT reacting to the enemy's threats, peltings and presence. YES, you will sometimes feel his presence too. And his arrows. But if your shield is up, you can STAND. Not because "your faith is strong", but because you know how to lean, to rest IN HIM !

      Now, imagine if we as intercessors all were standing, armed, feet planted, shoulder to shoulder, and listening to the slightest whisper of our Lord. Fewer casualties would result from this maturity and unity. We could all move together, be a united shield for the Body, and see our prayers manifest because we are allowing the Lord to pray through us, instead of praying to Him. True intercession involves all of these, in various levels at various times. Needless casualities would diminish!


 Press in! 

Allow difficulties, weaknesses to draw you nearer to Him and see His anointing take effect. Like an olive in the olive press, the good stuff will come forth! Press in and allow His likeness to be imprinted upon you because you have spent life close to Him! Know that you know in your "knower" that you are a son of God and begin to live like it with a kingly bearing.
Then come together expecting to see our prayer time mature and shift with His hand manifesting this year privately and corporately!

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